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Upload list\ Import contacts
Upload list\ Import contacts

How to upload your contacts

Updated over a week ago

Start by importing a file with the mobile numbers in XLS\X or CSV format.
You can also import columns from your file as first name, email & country.

Click the + button in Contact lists on your dashboard, or go to the lists page -> Upload to browse for your file.

Next, define the import settings.

-List name Create a new one or choose an existing list.
-HLR Query Enable to validate number activity with an HLR check.
  Cost is €0.003 per number. More about Query HLR here.
-Field type Mapping Define the data in the columns you import.
  Number & country** are mandatory, first name & email optional. 

If the file doesn't have a country column, go to Fixed Country and select  a country to apply, or choose Automatic Selection from the dropdown if the numbers are internationally formatted.

Click Import, and you're done!

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