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Create a campaign

Launch your first SMS Campaign

Updated over a week ago

To get started make sure you have everything you need: 

  1. List of Contacts - Start off with at least 5,000 records from a specific country .

  2. Landing page - At least 1 responsive landing page.

  3. Ad Texts - Start with 3 different ad texts in the language of your target country.

To Create an SMS Campaign Click the + button in Target Countries section on your dashboard, or go to the Campaigns -> Blue Plus botton.

  1. Build the campaign - define parameters and marketing materials to use, including Send schedule, Lists, Offer that the end user will receive (i.e landing page), Texts and communication routes.

  2. Send a TESTER to monitor the results  - Send a limited amount of messages, to check which combination of Ad text\ Offer\ Route delivers the best results, such as highest CTR.

  3. Scale the campaign and monitor results - You can choose the best performing combination (Lap), send to all recipients and complete your campaign. 

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