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What are the statuses on the numbers?
What are the statuses on the numbers?

Status of lists and validation of contacts

Updated over a week ago

Go the lists page.
To the right, you will see how many lists you hold in the system, and how many numbers are from a specific country.
We mark the numbers with the following status:

  1. Good - Passed validation, and you'll be able to send to

  2. Bad - Failed validation. Messages won't be sent to them.

  3. HLR In Progress - Numbers in queue for HLR.

  4. Waiting - Numbers in queue for HLR query.  To Skip the HLR test, simply click the “Mark as Good” icon from the “List” menu.

  5. Clickers - Users that clicked on the link in the message.

  6. Send Progress - The progress bar showing how many numbers were already sent to, from the total of good numbers.

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