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Integrating a Conversion Pixel
Integrating a Conversion Pixel

Track Leads and Sales generated by your SMS. With that you'll be able to better optimize campaigns and understand underlying ROI.

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Technical Aspect

Step 1 - Add {{{dynamic}}} parameter to URL under the Campaigns/Info/Tester/offers and click submit - Then when each message is opened it'll change the '{{{dynamic}}}' parameter to a unique ID of that SMS for example,{{{dynamic}}} will be changed to when the message is opened.

Step 2 - When you receive a Lead or a Sale you need to trigger a call back request to our postback URLs
Lead - Β{{{dynamic}}}
Sale -{{{dynamic}}}

Example -
Let's say the SMS with the dynamic variable 'abcd24732' from step 1 made a signup, congratulations πŸ‘Œ your system needs to make a callback request to

Pro Tip:
Under the advance settings set the Profit value to reflect what's the value of a sale for you so you can better understand your ROI.

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