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Opt Out Users

Ways to unsubscribe users from your list

Updated over a week ago

For compliance, once a user has been unsubscribed he'll be blocked from being sent. you won't be able to deliver any message to that user from any functionality under your account.

Unsubscribe through API

By going to will give you your optout callbacks.

Unsubscribe By Dynamic Variable

Callback URL -{{{dynamic}}}
Description - In the offer URL (campaign/view/tester/offers) you can add a dynamic variable (for more information Integrating a Conversion Pixel) which you can callback to our system once an opt-out was triggered on your end.
Example Callback -

Unsubscribe By Phone Number

Description - You can subscribe any number from your account using the API call above. Note the number needs to be in international formatting (E.164 - without the plus sign. Example - 12127678347
Example Callback -

Unsubscribe Through Custom Page

For our non-technical clients, we can provide you with an optout link you can add at the end of your Text, then users can go to that URL to unsubscribe, once a user has entered his details he'll be automatically unsubscribed from your account. To get such a link please contact Customer Support.
Example Page: 

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