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Send campaign to Clickers
Send campaign to Clickers

Send a campaign to clickers only or extract to a new list

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Clickers are people who opened the link inside your SMS campaigns in the past.

Retargeting clickers campaigns can be your most lucrative type of campaigns.

There are two ways of sending SMS campaigns to clickers -

Send campaign to Clickers through the campaign view
Select your campaign and enable the Advanced settings.
​User type field includes all type of users on default, simply keep only Clicker selected. This will send only to the Clickers in the lists you choose.

But what if you want to merge all your clickers under one list?

​Extract Clickers to a new list

In the Lists section, select the Merge Lists option.

  1. Enable Extract Only Clickers toggle.

  2. In Lists To Merge, select the lists you wish to extract the clickers from.

That's it!
Happy sending πŸŽ‰

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