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Sending your first SMS campaign
Sending your first SMS campaign

Step by step manual of setting the first SMS campaign

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To send your first campaign you will need

  1. A list of contacts you would like to SMS to - we recommend at least 5,000 contacts

  2. A mobile optimised landing page - that you will send your customers to

  3. An SMS text you would like to use in the campaign - We recommend adding at least 3 different SMS texts (but we're getting ahead of ourselves :) )

  • Our platform will handle the URL shortening in the SMS

Table of contents

Uploading the list to the platform

Before starting your SMS campaign create at least one Contact List and upload it to the platform. To upload the list Simply click Upload Contacts and choose your list in the popup window

Choose the list you want to upload and click Upload

Leave it as a New List and name your list (or leave it the same as the name of your file). Be sure you leave the green Logical Check toggle - it will filter out all the possible mistakes in your list like extra/missing digit, unlogical numbers etc.

Match fields from your list with the Field Types of our platform. It is important at least to match Numbers or Emails and Country fields.

Cleaning the list with HLR/MNP checks

after the import is finished you can see the statistics for filtered numbers. Optionally, you can further clean the numbers by pinging the mobile carrier to see which numbers are active.

We recommend cleaning a part of your list to see if it is worth the cost of cleaning the whole list.

Creating an SMS campaign

Click New SMS Campaign (on Dashboard) or Create New Campaign From This List

Here you can:

  • Name your campaign

  • Choose the country (you will see the local time in square brackets)

  • Choose the Sender ID (used to identify who sent the message). However, for some of the countries Sender ID is not customizable.

  • Click Create

Specify the Campaign settings.

Select the lists you would like to send to

First, select the list you want to use. Previously uploaded lists will appear on the right hand side of the screen. In order to use a list for a second time, click on the blue Flush button. This will reset the progress bar.

Setting the offer (landing page)

Then click Offers Selection to create and name your first offer.

Click URL field below to add the URL for your offer. You can use platform’s Shortcodes if needed by clicking URL Shortcodes.

Adding the SMS text

Next point is the Ad Text. We recommend you compose at least 2 texts for each campaign for A/B testing. Click Submit after each text. Also keep in mind that the URL you place is automatically shortened - no need to shorten it in advance! We also have other features, such as randomizer (or word spinner) which will allow you to expand variability for your texts.

Selecting the route

Choose routes you want to use. You can either see routes’ performance on Dashboard or ask your manager which routes perform the best for your kind of content. We recommend trying several routes for a split test to choose the best performing.

Sending the campaign

Before sending you can find the information on the amount of SMSs and estimated cost right above the Send button.

Click Send! Sending may take some time

Continue sending

Now after 2000 of test SMSs were sent you can check their performance and disable laps that were performing not so well.

Disable routes that aren't performing

Disable SMS texts that aren't performing

Remember we used 3 different ad texts? It’s time to increase the performance of our campaign by disabling those texts that performed poorly.

Go to Logs and choose Ad Texts

Here we disable texts with CTR 10.30% and 10.45% and leave the highest performing text with 11.52%

Continue sending by adding more budget

After finishing the optimisation process you may go on with your list. Choose the amount to spend for a second run.

Point at certain budget and you will see how many messages will be sent per budget. Then click to continue sending.

Afterwards, when you are satisfied with the performance, click Finish List to send messages to the remaining part of your contact list.

Analysing the campaign's performance

You can find all the detailed information of your campaign performance and graphs in the Analytics tab.

That's it, in case you need help with your campaign please contact us via the Intercom channel.

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