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Multi-Country Campaigns

Setting campaigns targeted to multiple countries

Updated over a week ago

In case you don't segment your lists by country and have a lot of destinations in one file SMSEdge allows sending you Multi-Country campaigns.

These campaigns allow you sending the same content to all the countries contained in your list. Routes will be automatically selected by our scoring technology.

In order to upload Multi-Country List and setup Multi-Country campaign follow these steps:

  1. While uploading your list select Automatic Selection in the Country field

2. While in the list click New Campaign For This List

3. Select Multi-Country Campaign in the campaign settings.

4. Setup the campaign (select Offer and add Ad Texts). Keep in mind: routes will be automatically selected by our scoring system

If you decide to extract certain country from your list go to the List page and click List Tools and then Clone.

Then select your Source list and the country you want to extract

Afterwards you'll be able to setup Single-Country campaign that allows manual selection of routes.

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