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SMS Filtered Clicks

Why I see less clicks on SMSEdge's side than on link management or other platforms?

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When sending SMS it's crucial to have accurate CTR data to optimise the list, text and landing page performance. That’s why we built an intelligent for clicks tracking mechanism to not count every engagement with the offer link as a click.

Wherever you use your own solution for tracking clicks you may face a certain discrepancy between the click rate on SMSEdge and third-party platforms.

SMSEdge will show you less clicks than other platforms. It's because other platforms use a different logic to count the amount of clicks. When we filter a click we do that just for analytics purposes we still forward the click to the landing page as to avoid losing traffic.

Viewing detailed click information

All the clicks detailed information is available in the Analytics ➡️ Click Analysis. Here you can check your data under certain tabs or click Download Click Report button to export report as .csv file.

Now let's talk about Filtered Clicks. We filter them and exclude them from the displayed CTR.

Clicks we don't count

Bot clicks

When we see a click that might be from an automated system and not a mobile phone we do not count it. Carriers and mobile apps can automatically open the link to check or preview the content that is sent. We do not count those as user clicks and they don't influence CTR.

Clicks from non-target countries

For different reasons, the mobile phone you send to can appear in another country different to the one you target. Here you can see campaign sent to Australia with lots of numbers from US.

Multiple clicks on same link

Users may click your link multiple times generating higher CTR than it really is. We count only the first click and filter all the others.

Beware that some platforms don't filter clicks and estimate CTR using all the clicks registered including bots, multiple clicks, etc. This can lead to lower CTR in comparison with other platforms. That's why first we recommend checking if they count clicks properly.

Preview clicks

Some Android devices open a preview of the SMS in the phone itself. When this happens the SMS application will open the link in the background to display the page title and description. We detect when that happens and do not count the click in the analytics screen.

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