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Segments Tool

The ultimate flexibility in targeting your customer base

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The Segments tool allows you to target your audience more precisely by creating dynamic segments of your customer base. Whether you need to send to users who have clicked before but haven’t received anything from you for last couple of weeks or you want to send to the numbers you’ve imported but have never used before - you can easily create a segment based on any data according to exact rules you set.

Step by step guide


Segments are available on your Lists page

Segments tool uses all of the data you’ve uploaded including lists you haven’t used for a while that have been archived. You set your target audience with simple rules that can be grouped with AND/OR condition.

2. Sending to a Segment

The extracted data segments then can be used just like lists. You need to select them in the campaign editor list field:

Segments tool gives you multiple options to create data sets for different situations and are limited only by your goals and imagination. Down below you can find some of the examples as they can be used (but again, the list is far from being exhaustive):

3. Recommended data sets

a. Clickers (clicked at least once).

Select Number | Clicks count in the first field and select greater in the second field and put 0 in the third. Now the system will show you all numbers that clicked more than zero times:

b. Clickers who have received only one message.

You probably would like to return to your clickers espescially if you've sent them only once. Here you need to set 2 rules connected with AND (meaning you will get all the numbers that follow both rules). You can add more rules by clicking Add rule green button.

First one is clickers from the item described above. The second is Number | Sent Count - equal - 1 that will load all the numbers that received only one message.

c. Clickers who haven't received for the last month

Two rules. First: Number | Click count - greater - 0

Second: Number | Last received SMS - greater_than_n_days - 30 (this rule will load all the numbers who haven't received anything from you for more than 30 days)

d. Unused numbers

Number | Sent count - less - 1

e. Numbers not clicked and received only once:

Number | Sent count - equal - 1

Number | Click count - equal - 0

f. Segmenting by carrier

Segmenting by carrier is mostly used by those who send to US. You can create segments with one or several carriers and send messages there with certain routes (if you don't know which routes would be best for certain carriers don't hesitate you ask you Account Manager)

This is just a fraction of what can be done with Segmenting. If your data base has multiple countries then Segments tool allows you easily extract numbers from an exact country. Apart from using rules you can also group them to create even more precise sets of numbers to send to.

4. Global Suppression

It is possible that some of the numbers from your lists were already uploaded and used on our platform before. Some of them received messages but never clicked so probably there's no use spending money sending there again.

With Global Suppression platform will ignore numbers that received certain amount of messages but never clicked. It's up to you to select the amount of messages that were sent.

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