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Sending email campaigns

Brief but comprehensive manual on how to send email campaigns

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Contacts management

Upload contacts

Some sending servers support only one type of ESP (gmail, hotmail and similar), we recommend you upload a list where your sending servers can inbox there.

You can clean your email list on the list page. The cleaning costs 0.03Euro per email (our cost price, if you know a better service that actually pings the email address please let us know).

Campaign management

Setup sending server configuration

Create campaign

Sending a single email

By clicking the Send Seeds button you can select a specific email address to send to. We recommend sending a single email to to get delivery recommendations.

Fill settings

Lists information

Add a template

To make an unsubscribe link create a template and add the UNSUBSCRIBE shortcode inside the link HREF

Select sending servers

The servers you will be sending to will need technical configuration. Please discuss the sending configuration with your account manager

Sending schedule

Manual sending

There are two types of sending schedules the manual one will let you manually send the campaign so you can monitor performance

Automatic sending

The automatic sending will allow you to create a looped campaign where your customers will receive an email on a scheduled time and day a week. The templates will be selected according to the sequence they appear in the templates screen.

Testing the email

We recommend testing email content before sending. (0.10 Euro per test - when using API, you can do it for free by sending a test email to 🙂 )

Monitoring progress

After sending you’ll able to see statistics, logs


Q: How do I change the reply to field in my email?

You can change the "reply to" field of the email in the sending server settings.

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