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Slow vs fast sending
Updated over a week ago

What is it?

The "slow sending" or a "blast option" describes the speed in which the emails are delivered. Currently to make things less complicated our team will set the sending speed for each sending server. The sending speed is determined by the amount of emails you would like to send in an hour.

How do I set it?

To set the sending speed per server please contact your account manager.

What is better?

๐Ÿ’กIt will depend on your content type, from what we saw currently a fast sending configuration will yield the best results but will probably "burn" out your server from one campaign

Recommended settings

We work to maximize the profit per each sending server, so if he has a list of 100k or 1m contacts it doesn't matter as we can connect 1,3,5,10,20,50 different sending servers.

Amount of emails per hour -

  1. Unlimited - Recommended when user can send small amounts each time, or wants to "burn" the server

  2. Limit per hour - We recommend 100 or 1,000 emails per hour, will make the server last longer.

  3. Limit per day - 1k or 5k per day.

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