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Welcome SMSEdge's email marketing platform documentation πŸŽ‰

After months of development we are excited to launch one of our biggest product evolution to date. With our customers in mind we have heard over the years how email has stayed a key pillar in the online marketers arsenal. As SMSEdge was designed to provide an end to end solution for large B2C SMS campaigns, the email platform is built to be an end to end solution for large B2C email campaigns.

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SMSEdge Email Marketing Intro

What makes us different

Email delivery plays a key challenge in the email marketers life that's why we decided to invest a tremendous πŸ₯΄ amount of time in helping our clients solve issues related with email delivery.

Empowering our customers with data driven decision making we design the application to help you make better data driven decisions. This is done by analysing every step of the email marketing process and creating the relevant reports, triggers and documentation.

Trust and customer interests first. We make sure that there's no conflict between our and our clients interest. We don't do any affiliate marketing, we don't promote offers, we don't sell or buy lists. We firmly believe that in the long run the ones that are honest and transparent with their clients will flourish.

Clear division of you handling the marketing and us the technicalities.

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