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Uploading contacts
Updated over a week ago

So, you want to start using SMSEdge for sending emails, great!

To actually send the emails, you need to have the email addresses present on the platform.

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to upload them, and manage them.

Once logged in to the platform, head over to the lists section, and then click on Email.

When the new page loads, click on the Add Contacts button.

Two new buttons will show up, Upload Contacts and Create a New List.

First, click on Create a New List.

A pop up will show up, with a field to name your list.

If you have multiple lists, make sure you name them appropriately so you can differentiate them easily afterwards.

After you’ve created the list, it will show up as an existing one, so now let’s add contacts.

Again,click on the Add Contacts, but afterwards, click on the Upload Contacts button.

A new pop up will appear that will enable you to upload a list.

Click on the Browse button, and navigate to the list file on your computer.

After you have selected the list, click the Upload button.

You will be taken to the next page, where you will have just a few settings to attend to.

In the Settings box, under the list, select from the drop-down which list you want to add the contacts to (in this case it would be the one we previously created)

Logical check - checks for any mistakes in the contacts, makes sure to always keep this one turned on.

In the Field Types box, make sure to specify what all the data columns in your sheet represent what they should (e.g. identify email address as an email address, first name as first name, and so on).

After you’re finished, just click the Import button on the lower right corner of the page, and your list is imported to the SMSEdge platform.

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