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US Campaign Registry
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The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a regulatory body setup in the US to register SMS campaigns with the telephone carriers. A registered campaign will have 100% delivery compared to grey routes or unregistered content.

Campaign registry and sending process in under 2 minutes

Technical mumbo jumbo

The TCR contains 3 key entities: Campaign Service Provider (CSP), who is contracted with Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA or 0-Hop)) and TCR. CSP is typically the party hosting the campaign on its own technology platform. Brand is the legal entity or role responsible for the messaging content in a campaign. A brand depends on the CSP for submitting a campaign request to TCR. TCR will perform Cyber and Identity verifications against every brand registered by CSP. Campaign is an encompassing entity that ties together the who (CSP and Brand) and the what (Use Case) for all 10DLC messaging campaigns. A campaign can only be submitted by the CSP.


Brand registry

How soon does the brand get approved?

It should take no more than 5 minutes to get the brand approved. If it you still see the status of the brand as Unverified please contact support.

How do I connect an existing brand?

If you already have an existing brand please contact our customer success team to connect it.

Campaign registration

What if my campaign or brand received a low rating with a carrier and can't send large volumes

Contact our customer success team to go through the vetting process where we will try raising your rating with the carrier.

How many messages per number can I send?

There's no limit.

How many numbers per campaign can I rent?

There's no limit.

How many SMS's per campaign can I send?

There's no limit, only if stated by that specific carrier.

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