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Enrichment Tools
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1. Introduction

​Enrichment tools enable you to gather more information about the numbers in your lists. You can obtain details about carriers, states, and even disable those numbers that have received multiple messages but have never clicked. This will help you to target your audience more accurately and reduce costs by avoiding sending messages to inactive numbers.

2. Where can I find Enrichment Tools

You can find Enrichment tools on Lists Page under Number Verification tab:

3. Difference between Local and Global

There are two main options: Local and Global

Local Enrichment relies solely on the data you have uploaded to your account. The main benefit of this approach is that it is free of charge, but a drawback is that the insights you gain are limited by the data you have previously uploaded.

On the other hand, Global Enrichment utilizes data from across the entire platform, collected over many years of operation. This option comes with a cost of 0.002 per number, but it provides a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis by using a wider range of data sources.

4. Overview of tools

Local and Global use almost the same tools. The only difference Enrich state information is available in Local only, while Disable historic HLR available in Global only.

Enrich state information

Will try to append state according the number of the user (available for Canada, US and Australia)

Assign network information

Will automatically assign the network information from your account

Disable historic HLR

Will auto-disable numbers that had bad HLR results from your requests

Enrich device information

Will auto-enrich device information if already exists in your account

Disable low activity

Will auto-disable users who received more than X SMS's and never opened

5. How to use the tools

There is an actions panel located to the right of each tool with 3 buttons: Scan historic numbers, Scan log and Enable

  • Scan historic numbers - enriches numbers previously uploaded

You can select certain Country and Segment to enrich data already uploaded into your account. Or you can skip it if you want to enrich all your lists.
You can also select the amount of numbers you want to enrich. If you don't select Country and/or Segment system will grab numbers randomly.

  • Scan log - shows the history of this tool use

  • Enable - when activated, the Enable button will turn blue and the tool row will be highlighted in green, indicating that the system will automatically enrich all newly uploaded numbers and lists.


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