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Testing Tool Guide: Route Relevance
Testing Tool Guide: Route Relevance

Determine the best routes for your content with our testing tool

Updated over a week ago

Testing tool helps you understand which routes are relevant for your content.

You have two options to test your content:

  1. Use your own live number for specific or random texts.

  2. Utilize our verified live numbers for specific or random texts.


  1. Navigate to the 'Routing' page.

  2. Select 'Testing'.

Once redirected, click on 'New Test'.

A dialog box will appear with two choices: 'Single Test' or 'Test Net'.

For personal number testing:

  • Select your country.

  • Pick the desired routes.

  • Enter your number.

  • Click 'send'. A random text with a random SID will be dispatched.

For specific content and SID:

  • Ensure the selected country supports SID.

  • Disable 'Random Text' and 'Random SID'.

  • Enter your content.

Without a personal number? Use our pre-verified numbers:

  • Opt for 'Test Net'.

  • Choose 'Test net 1'.

  • Follow the 'Single Test' instructions.


View test outcomes in 'Singles'.

Look for statuses:

  • 'DELIVRD': Successful delivery.

  • 'UNDELIV': Failed delivery.

  • 'REJECTED': Content not accepted.

Favor routes with 'DELIVRD'. If necessary, modify content and retest.

Conclusion: Ensure successful content delivery. Happy sending!

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