HLR stands for Home Location Register, a database of mobile phone subscribers registered with a specific mobile network. Every SIM card has a unique identifier, which is the primary key to an HLR record.

Query HLR checks if the number is valid and active in a network, and removes the inactive numbers. It will increase the delivery rate and save you sending costs.

In order to run HLR query:

Go to the Lists page and select the list you want to check. There please click the icon you see on the screenshot below:

Here you can see the price per 1 number check, overall price and total amount of numbers to check. You can set any amount of numbers. We usually recommend checking 10-15% of the numbers. If after the check at least 75% of numbers are good - then there’s no need to check all the numbers. Otherwise we recommend checking all numbers.

After the check you will have the amount of Good and Bad Numbers.

Click here to get the information on Mobile carriers. This is especially important when sending to US, as we provide US routes suggestions based on their carrier performance (more information here).

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