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How to target certain carriers
How to target certain carriers

SMSEdge allows you to target certain carriers. This article covers all the necessary settings.

Updated over a week ago

Our US sending clients get daily suggestions on the best routes based on carrier performance (please contact your AM if you don’t receive them). You can target your campaign by carrier if your list contains the information on carrier (after MNP or HLR check).

In order to send to certain carrier we suggest creating Segment with relevant rule. You can find more details about Segment Tool and use-cases here.

Here, for example, you can see a Segment that includes all AT&T numbers:

The extracted data segments then can be used just like lists. You need to select them in the campaign editor list field:

Now when you know that, for example, route 172 is good for AT&T, you can simply campaign selecting route 172 in the Routes field and create a Segment with AT&T numbers that is used just like the list.

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