US 2 Way Campaigns
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2 way campaigns will automatically rent and assign numbers for your account. This will allow you to receive replies from your customers whether they want to buy or unsubscribe.

This feature isn't enabled by default, please contact your account manager to enable it.

Step by step flow

Under the campaigns page, click "New campaign" and select the "Conversational Campaign" inbox.

Fill in the campaign information and click Send (for more information about the process checkout Sending Your First SMS Campaign)

Once sent you will be able to see the real time performance of your campaign by the amount of Clicks on the messages and the stop reply rate.

and under the inbound messages the actual messages received by your campaign

Unsubscribe process

Once a customer replied with Stop or a bad word (I'll let you imagination run wild at this point) we will automatically unsubscribe him from your account.

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