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Managed email servers

How does the managed email servers work?

With the managed email server you will receive a fully configured email server (SPF, DKIM, SMTP, IMAP etc'), a dedicated IP, domain and a continuous stream of high engagement emails to "warmup" the server.

The server stopped delivering to the inbox what should I do?

You can request a server replacement on a monthly basis at no additional cost.

What speed should I setup the server to deliver?

It will depend on the quality of your data, the engagement level of your audience with your emails and the ESP you're targeting. We generally recommend starting with 100 emails/hour for a couple of weeks and slowly increasing from there. More information here

How many managed email servers can I order?

You can order as many as you want, on large orders there might be a longer wait time.

To which ESP's (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc') do those servers deliver?

It will depend on the warmup process type, when ordering the server or warmup process you can specify which ESP you want the server to target or select "Shared".

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