AutoSender Feature

AutoSender allows you to schedule sending and optimisation algorithms to be executed automatically.

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AutoSender allows you to schedule sending and optimisation algorithms to be executed automatically. It doesn’t require you to be involved at the moment of sending, which is mostly beneficial while sending multiple campaigns at a time or to distant time zones.

Here you can see how to create and send a campaign, and now we will tell you how to use AutoSender in 8 steps.

Step 1:

Make sure you complete all the steps that are required when creating a campaign. In order to schedule the campaign you can choose the exact date and time of sending.

By default all the campaigns are set to Send Now. In order to schedule the campaign to a certain date and time change the position of Send Now toggle.

After that Start Time option will appear. Select necessary date and time.

Step 2:

Turn on advanced settings

Step 3:

Click Run AutoSender

After click on Run AutoSender you can choose:

  • Initial sending size

  • Delay between optimization steps

  • Optimization sending size

  • Delay between batches at final sending

  • Final sending batch size

  • Skip laps with CTR less than

  • Maximum amount to spend

  • Percent of numbers to be sent automatically

  • Maximum amount of numbers to be send

Initial sending size will send a selected amount of SMS for each route used. For example if you to test 3 routes and you select 200SMS as initial sending size then the system will send 600 SMS (200x3=600)

After choosing the amount of initial SMS sending size, you can set up delay between optimization steps as the waiting time for clicks.

Optimization sending size is representing a number of SMS that will be sent in one lap. For example if optimization sending is going to be sent in 2 laps that means that 1000 messages will be sent in each lap, and that will be 2000 sms sent in total.

Delay between batches at final sending is the time that will pass between each final batch sending.

Final sending batch size represents the number of messages that will be sent per best lap.

You can choose a CTR threshold. If the route CTR is less than the selected the system will skip it.

And maximum amount you want to spend

At the end you can choose percent of numbers from the lists selected to be sent automatically.

And if you do not want to send all at once you can choose lower percent or add it manually here

Step 4:

If you want to be notified when AutoSender is done, click on the button to enable this option

Step 5:

You can save AutoSender settings for the next campaign. AutoSender will save and auto-fill all auto sender configurations for your next automated campaign.

Step 6:

Click AutoSender preview to check the auto-send settings

Step 7:

Click Send when the campaign is ready.

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